Certain changes in the cells take place years before they turn into cancer. Such changes can be identified examining the cells which are collected from the cervix uterus. The cells which are exfoliated [shred] from the cervix are collected by  a spatula. These are then examined under a microscope. The process is named as Pap Smear test [named after its  inventor Dr. George Papanicolaou]. By this procedure a correct diagnosis is arrived at in more than 95% cases. The procedure is simple painless, takes less than 5 minutes and needs no medication or preparation of the patient. Dysplastic changes, which may turn to cancer, years later, can be identified and the process of cancer information can be stopped. All married women should undergo this test and if two annual consecutive tests are negative, one need to undergo this test only once three years. By using this procedure in the population several western countries have rapidly reduced the cervical cancer incidence in their population.
This is a Cytology test.