Tobacco chewers develop cancer of cheek, tongue, gums etc. They are chronic chewers, often starting the habit at a young age of 15 or 18 years. They keep the tobacco quid [pan] in the mouth for a long time and often keep the quid even while asleep. Smoking cigarettes is the cause of 75% of all lung cancers and 25% of all cancers in the Western countries. Smokers are also likely to develop cancer of the mouth, pharynx, oesophagus [Gullet] pancreas and urinary bladder. In our country, almost 50% of all cancer in men are caused by heavy tobacco chewing and smoking; rather it is worse. The bidi contains more toxic harmful chemicals than in cigarette which produces cancer.

Tobacco smoking is also the major cause of heart disease, gastric ulcers, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and often the smoker dies young.

Due to the husband’s smoking habits, his wife [passive smoking] is also at a high risk for developing cancer of various organs. In closed environments like bus, theatre, office, train and meeting halls smoking is dangerous to non smokers also.