Many scientists are now studying this factor to establish a cause – effect relationship. It is generally suggested that a high fat diet can cause cancer of Intestine, Colon, Rectum, Prostate, Uterus and Breast. In Japan the use of salted┬ápickles, is believed to be the cause for the high stomach cancer rate. By the use of grilled meat reached oil, one consumes significant quantities of certain chemicals that can produce cancer. Certain food additives and colouring agents are also highly suspected to cause cancer. Diet with plenty of fibre is shown to be protective against Intestinal cancer. Studies in Japan and other western countries have established that there is a strong protective effect for green leafy vegetables, carrot, milk, citrus fruits etc. against many forms of cancers. The American Cancer Society is now propagating the use of fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits in their campaign against cancer.